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Forget commuting to a foot reading seminar. 

Now you can learn foot reading (Solestry) from the comfort of your own home for only £95.

  • You can pay in other currencies to the value of 95 pounds sterling.  To find out the latest exchange rate, use  Paypal allows you to pay in your local currency.
  • This course is aimed at people with no prior knowledge of foot reading or reflexology, although if you have already studied reflexology you will be able to apply this information to the feet you have already seen.

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the way emotional aspects and personality are reflected on the feet.  There are many applications for this - some serious and some for fun. 

  • This knowledge can be used in a therapeutic way by those with counselling skills or it can be used to interest potential clients into learning more about what their feet can tell them in terms of emotional issues.  It can also be used as a tool for personal development and growth.  It can be used for fun in a party environment. - everyone loves hearing about themselves and what could be more surprising than hearing what your feet say about you?

  • Your £95 will buy you a seat at this e-learning workshop.  Unlike a live workshop, you can sit a module as many times as you like before proceeding to the next module – working at your own pace. Even when you have completed all four modules, you can return to the beginning and start again.  You will have access for a whole year.

  • You have exactly one year to complete all four modules.

  • On completion of all the modules, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

  • E-learners have access to a forum where they can ask questions, share information, virtually meet other elearners and this is only available to live elearners.

This workshop attracts CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points as follows:

    • Reflexology Association of Canada offer 3.5 CEU's (continuing education credits) for completion of the elearning

    • Reflexology New Zealand now approve Jane Sheehan’s foot reading e-learning module for their continuous professional development scheme and award their members up to 4 CPD points per year.

    • Association of Reflexologists offer 2 points per hour to a maximum of 10 points
    • Federation of Holistic Therapists offer 5 points upon completion of the e-learning course for reflexologists only.
    • Irish Reflexology Institute offer 50 points upon completion of the course
    • International Federation of Aromatherapists offer 1 point per learning hour
    • If you are a member of a different association, please check with them to ask whether they allocate any points for elearning.
    • Please note that CPD points apply to reflexologists or IFA Aromatherapy members only.  If you do a different therapy you would need to approach your own association to find out whether they will consider letting you have CPD points.
  • Once you have completed all four modules of this e-Learning seminar, you will have covered all of the content of Jane Sheehan’s live foot reading theory seminar (Day one of her two day workshop).  If you wish to take your learning further, see our seminars page to find details of the nearest foot reading practical seminar near you (Day two of her two day course).

  • To purchase, click on the paypal button at the bottom of this page.

For just £95 you can learn foot reading through an interactive workshop consisting of four modules.  The content is the same as the content on day one of Jane’s two day workshop.

The e-learning workshop covers

Module 1 

  • How do you feel about your feet?

  • How to read nuance meanings

  • How to read general meanings

  • What bunions tell us

  • Interpreting the different toe shapes

  • Interpreting the different tips of the toes

Module 2

  • Differences in interpreting necks of toes

  • What leaning toes mean

  • Understanding flexibility of the feet and toes

  • How being manipulative shows in toes

  • Hammer toes

  • Toes that don’t touch the floor

  • Hairy toes

  • Webbed toes

  • Interpreting nail conditions and related imbalances

  • How time is reflected in the nails

Module 3

  • Reading the alignment of the toes

  • Interpreting gaps between toes

  • How width and length of feet are read

  • Creating a zonal map of the foot to read emotions

  • Identifying and understanding colour changes

Module 4

  • Interpreting Skin and related imbalances

  • Interpreting damp or smelly feet!

  • Angles of the feet

  • What do prominent tendons tell us?

  • Arches or flat feet

  • Sequence of a treatment

  • How to handle a tearful reaction

  • Using inspiration cards

  • Applying the knowledge learned by giving a foot reading

How to sign up

You need to purchase the foot reading (solestry) course by clicking the "Paypal" button below.
This gives you access for one full year from the day of purchase.

This will take you to Paypal where you can pay using your Paypal account or by credit/debit card.  Overseas? No problem...Paypal will accept payment in other currencies.

eLearning Testimonials

quote start Thank you so much, I enjoy doing the course and using the knowledge, but seeing the results so well received was another bonus again."

Jenni Gordon, Essex

quote start I think it is great that you keep repeating the module until it has sunken in, it’s good to go forward and then recap."

Jenny Summer, Essex

quote start What a fascinating course! Learnt lots and it is structured in such a way that it enables you to study at your own pace and when you choose."

Katherine Kitchen, Richmond, North Yorkshire

quote start I am truly fascinated with your program Jane, and it is adding a great deal to the way I use Visual cues. Thank you."

Yvette Eastman, Canada

quote start Since discovering your work, my mind is working overtime as to how I may combine reflex with reading and coaching - so Thank you so much Jane, you have re-kindled my interest 'big time' ...!!"

Jayne Hanley

quote start I am absolutely loving this course. It's like reading a good book, I'm enjoying it so much that I want to get through the course and soak up all the knowledge but I also don't want it to finish.”

Maureen Hodder, New Zealand

quote start Excellent course materials - pictures, written information and Jane's vocal explanations! Loved it - so informative! Jane's comments really do help along with the photos."

Verna Tatt, Bradford

quote start Every module gets better and better. Thank you Jane for the wonderful way in which you are helping people - both the ones you teach and the ones you coach."

Yvette Eastman, Canada on completion of module 3