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Foot Reading Quiz 1

This quiz is designed to appeal to anyone who has already completed the foot reading elearning seminar’s four modules, or day one of Jane’s live workshop or has studied and memorised her book “Let’s Read Our Feet!”

It is more than just a quiz.  It takes a set of one client’s foot photographs and step by step asks you questions about different areas of the foot.  Not only will it test your foot reading knowledge, but it is coaxing out of you the elements you will need to complete the foot reading for this client.  Then you will be shown Jane’s original reading so that you can compare it to your own. 

At the end of the quiz, you can see your score (70% is the pass mark), review your answers, and receive instant feedback on the questions that you got wrong.  It is a great tool for revision, testing your knowledge and there is a certificate at the end allowing you to have proof of your self-directed learning.  (Some associations such as the Association of Reflexologists allow CPD points for self-directed learning – check with your association to see whether they do).

The cost of this quiz is £8.50 - to purchase click the button below. 

WANT A TASTER BEFORE YOU BUY?  Click here for a short sample quiz to show you the functionality

Quiz Testimonials

quote start   Free Quiz – I like this taster, it gives you an idea of how the quiz is structured and how well it works on your device. I like the way you got an automatic quiz feedback with all questions displayed or you could opt for Review which gave a clear question by question summary. I like the button Show Results Panel so you could see how well/badly you were doing during the quiz"

Doreen Corbey

 quote start  Quiz 1 – I like that you give users another option to review their answers by offering the .pdf to keep and print. This is very clear, giving you your score for that question and the answers. Good value for money!"

 Doreen Corbey