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Taking your photographs

feet top



For the top view of your feet, position yourself so that you are sitting comfortably on a chair, feet flat on the floor and knees at right angles. Ask someone to sit facing you to take a top view of the feet. It’s important for me to know how your toes connect with the floor.






feet bottom




For the bottom view of your feet, lie down comfortably on a bed, flat on your back, and get someone else to take the photograph of the soles of your feet whilst your feet are relaxed .





I like both feet to be in the same photograph for comparison purposes. Also note that taking the photographs outdoors in natural daylight gives a better idea of the colour changes in your feet because avoiding using a flash stops the flash from bleaching out the colour variations.

If you are emailing the photographs, I can view .jpg files.  (A jpg image is best and maximum file size of 1MB - the minimum size should be about 450 x 300 pixels which equates to a quarter of a screen, up to 800 x 600 pixels which is about half a screen)


Once I receive your photographs or .jpgs I will conduct the reading within four days of receipt and then send you a paypal invoice.  Often it will be quicker than that.  However, I am away from the office teaching rather a lot of the time and have to plan in the readings when back at the office.  When I receive your payment via the paypal invoice, the reading will be sent as a word document to your email address.