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E-learning FAQs


Q. I placed my order through the online cart but haven’t received my user name and passwords yet?

A. When you placed your order and paid for it using paypal, you will have been automatically send an email confirming your purchase and giving you your username and password.  Please check that the email hasn't gone into your spam folder.

We are aware that sometimes hotmail blocks system messages.  If you have a hotmail email address, then send your paypal confirmation email to Jane and she will look up your username on our system and allocate a new password then email you back.

To access the elearning, all you have to do is go to the Student Area page, click on student login on the right hand of the screen. Enter your username and password, and once logged in you will see a further navigation menu appear in a box below the login on the Student Area page. Click “module 1” to start.


Q. I have my login and password but I cannot access the online training?

A. For security, the passwords are alphanumeric and are case sensitive so they must be entered exactly as provided.  Also there is a quirk where you have to log in twice before the access menu shows the modules.


Q. I am sure that I have entered the username and password correctly but the system still won’t let me in?

A. The username and password are case sensitive. Please double check that you have used the correct upper or lowercase characters. 

If you are returned to the login page then please just try logging in again.  Yes, log in twice!

If it still doesn't work, try requesting a new password by going to the Student Area, and clicking on "User Profile".  Below the login details there is a link for "forgot my password".

If this doesn't resolve the problem, please email Jane advising of the issue and the device and browser you are using.


Q. I only had time to get through part of a module, what happens if I quit it at this stage?

A. The modules are designed to be completed in one sitting as the information you learn through the module is used at the end. If you have to quit the module you will restart at the beginning of the module. However, it is very easy to just click through quickly to where you left off, without having to type in everything again. Do note the slide number at the top of the screen and if you know you are not sitting through the whole module then take notes of where you left off.


Q. I have completed module 1, do I keep having to complete Module 1 to get access to Module 2?

A. No. When you complete Module 1, you can select Module 2 from the right hand menu on the Student Area page. The modules are designed to be done sequentially but there is nothing stopping you from jumping to the appropriate module when you are revising.


Q. I have now completed all four modules but would like to run through them again - is this possible?

A. Yes, when you buy your training package this remains active for one year so you can repeat it again. However, the footreading training server monitors the login, passwords and computer address (IP address) to ensure that users are not sharing their logins with others.


Q. I have now completed the training and would like to do some more – will additional e-learning programs be available?

A. Yes, the e-learning program has proved to be very popular and more modules are planned for the future. However, currently your only option is to sign up to a Day 2 of Jane’s two day workshops so that you can gain practical experience under her guidance. On day 2 you will also learn about tattoos, toe rings, nail varnish colours and some NLP techniques.


Q: Can I contact other foot readers to ask them questions?

A: Yes, there is a free forum where you can liaise with other elearners, read previous questions or share information.  There’s also a free newsletter, The Pampering Times, with 2500 subscribers and growing.  You can sign up on the home page of the footreading website and you can see the latest copy under “Free Stuff” on the main navigation.