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Q & A's on Reflexology


Where will the treatment take place?

  • Jane currently has two clinics.  They are in Scarisbrick, near Southport, and in Garstang.  In Scarisbrick you will be seen at a room in her home.  At the other venue you will be seen in a therapy room at Vitality, 2 Dimples Lane, Garstang.  See "Contact" page to contact Jane directly, or ring 01995 600011 to book in Garstang.
  • You will be placed in a reclining chair, covered with a light blanket and asked to remove your footwear.

Will it hurt?

  • Treatments generally should not hurt although where the body is out of balance, the corresponding reflex point will show as tender or sharp or a "crunchy" feeling below the skin.
  • A re-adjustment of pressure means that this reflex can be treated without causing further discomfort.

How many treatments will I need?

  • There are no hard and fast rules to this. Usually four weekly treatments are enough. Some people only need one treatment to set them back on their feet. You will be the best judge.
  • Jane recommends that if you have a specific issue then it's probably best to have weekly treatments initially, then as you feel better you can space the gaps between treatments further apart.
  • If you are just having reflexology as a relaxation pamper treat then probably once a month is ideal.

What should I expect from a typical session?

  • Your medical history will be taken. Then you will be placed in a reclining chair, with your trousers pushed up to the knee. So please remember to wear loose trousers. A lotion will be used to anoint the feet (although a perfume-free powder is available as an alternative if you are allergic to perfumes).
  • A physical examination of the feet will be conducted to identify areas of the body that are in particular need of treatment.
  • The treatment will then commence with a light but firm pressure on each of the reflexes on the feet together with relaxation techniques.

How long will a reflexology treatment take?

  • Please allow one and a quarter hours for your initial consultation to allow a detailed case history to be taken.
  • Further treatments will take approximately an hour

What if I have an infection?

  • Although rubber gloves can be worn, it is better to wait until the infection has cleared before a treatment as there is danger of spreading the infection to other areas of the foot.
  • Facial or hand reflexology can always be offered as an alternative if required.

How much does it cost?

  • A one hour treatment costs £35. To book a treatment, call Jane on 07739 802175

What are your opening hours?

  • Whilst reflexology is Jane's full time business her hours vary week by week.  It is best to telephone to discuss times.  Jane sometimes teaches elsewhere, hence the need for flexibility