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Foot Reading Poster  £12.00

fr poster120x200This was originally issued as an A1 sized glossy poster as per sample illustration, but has now been reissued as an A3 laminated poster detailing different aspects of foot reading and including the emotional map of the dorsal and plantar aspects of the foot.  We have added an extra column that details interpretations for bunions, skin colour, leaning toes and extra toes.

It's clear, concise and beautifully illustrated. It's a good companion to the book "Let's Read our Feet!"

Jane says "When I teach, I listen to the sorts of questions that my students pose. I noticed that they were asking for a quick reference guide and decided that a poster would be just the thing.

With a poster on the wall near where you are working with your clients, you will be able to see at a glance what the different aspects of the feet mean. It also acts as a conversation starter with your clients. Beware therapist put the poster up in her wash room and wondered why the clients were taking longer and longer in there! Foot reading is rather addictive and everyone loves learning about themselves!"

Postage and Packaging rates are £4.56 to UK, £4.96 to Europe, £5.96 to USA and Rest of World 1 and £6.26 to Australia and Rest of World 2 zones as defined by Royal Mail.