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Inspiration Cards  £11.75


These inspiration cards have a multi-purpose.  Jane uses them in place of oracle cards at the end of her foot readings.  She also uses them in  her creative writing classes.  Management consultants use them in goal setting exercises.

Please note: These cards are out of stock due to manufacturer running out.  We are looking at other supply options.


Many successful business people claim that they are constantly inspired by the quotes and writings of others that they read along their way.  One side of these 52 inspiration cards has an inspirational quote - a new quote for each week, or just pick one randomly at any time - you will surprise yourself as you may discover that the quote you pick becomes relevant for that moment.

Inspiration for the other side of the cards came from Napoleon Hill and his classic book "Think and Grow Rich" in which he describes one of the common traits of successful people - their ability to visualize their goals.  This side of the cards has been developed in order to help the visualisation process. By looking through the picture cards you will be able to choose the ones which resonate with you and therefore assist you in visualising your goals, aspirations and dreams.

Jane says: "These cards were designed by a management consultancy to be used as described above.  But I use them differently.  I ask a client to pick a card, look at the photograph, and I bet them that they know why they picked it.  In describing it to me, they reveal themselves through projection.  In this way, the cards are great for using in a corporate setting, where the "Angel" and "Fairy" oracle cards just won't hack it."

"I also use these cards in my creative writing class where I get the class to pick 5 cards and then write the story" 

Price £11.75 + postage and packaging

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