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Day 2: Solestry Practise Day

This workshop aims to allow those who have already attended the Solestry – The Art of Foot Reading seminar to practice their new found knowledge in a supportive environment with an experienced foot reader on hand to answer any questions that arise from the readings.  Some people attend this seminar the following day after attending the theory seminar and some people attend much later after practicing their skills to fill their recognised gaps in their knowledge. 

This is very much a “hands-on” workshop.  As we can’t anticipate what “feet” will show up on the day, a selection of slides have been prepared just in case we don’t have the variety required, however, after five years of running this course we’ve only had to use the slides of tattoo-ed feet!

The day will begin with an exercise to explain foot reading (to act as a refresher), and an exercise to gain new business, and then the rest of the day will be spent reading each other’s feet and reporting back to the group the surprise findings.  And Yes!  You can bring and refer to your notes and your books.  This is your opportunity to practice and improve your skills.

If there is a particular query about something you have seen on a foot, attendees are asked to bring a good, clear photograph of about A4 size to share with the group.

The workshop has rather an unusual side-effect.  You will be reading each others feet and swapping partners throughout the day.  There’ll be feedback about how to deliver information, how to release emotional blockages and general coaching skills.  Consequently, each reading you receive will, (as well as giving you ideas about how to do the foot readings effectively,) be sending you on your own personal journey of discovery.  People look very different at the end of the day – more present and more vital.

Be prepared for a very interactive day.

My books and cards will be available for purchase on the day.