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Booking Information

You can book a workshop online.  When you pay by Paypal your place will be reserved immediately. The "In Stock" number relates to the number of remaining places available so if there are only a few left then book soon!

York - Coaching for foot readers

9 September 2020 Coaching for Foot Readers at Gate Helmsley, York

Price - £155.  Lunch is NOT included.



Gate Helmsley Village Hall
Main Street

Gate Halmsley, York
YO41 1NE

This is the new Coaching for Foot Readers Workshop with Jane Sheehan and Kerry Hales. This will be a very intensive, practical and interactive workshop.  We will be using self-actualisation learning technique and curiousity based coaching.  Our aim is to show you how to improve your observations during your foot reading to use self-actualisation learning technique coaching techniques with your clients to chase their vitality and to plant seeds for change.

What people said after the first one:

"Fantastic Day"

"As if I needed more confirmation! Came home to four messages about drumming and workshops.  Whoop whoop and so it begins"

"Great day, loved every second, haven't laughed so much for a while!"

"Such fun"

"Thank you for this opportunity"

This is a workshop where it is very experiential.  You have to experience it for yourself (the first half of the day) before you can start to use it in your practice (the second half of the day).

We are limiting the numbers to 12.

 If you want to know more about the workshop we've included a video on my facebook page (janesheehanfootreading).

Refreshments and nibbles will be served on arrival and at the breaks, but do bring a packed lunch as no lunch is supplied.

There is the Balloon Tree Cafe five minutes walk away and the shops are five minutes drive away.

To book your place, click on the "purchase workshop" button below.  Alternatively for further information please email Jane for workshop info and a booking form 

12 In Stock

Workshop Testimonials

quote start I have had great fun with the foot reading since the course. I have loads to learn, but people really do think I am an expert after only a couple of observations! We had a get-together the weekend after the course, and everyone was anxious to know what I had learnt. Well, the upshot was that I spend about 2 hours on a cushion on the floor in my sister's conservatory!!! They all queued up . . ."

Ursula Bartlett

quote start Thank you so so much for opening my eyes to whole new world – I’ve only experienced this once before when I went scuba diving! This is on another level though, you have made me feel things that I'm still trying to comprehend... the foot reading is absolutely amazing, I have been down the pub, round to friends for dinner and people just keep getting their feet out everywhere!! I am totally sold on it, I believe it 100%, stronger than anything, it is so incredibly accurate that I just love it."

Gemma Sonley, Bucks

quote start I thoroughly enjoyed today's seminar in London Strand Hotel. Your presentation was fun, clear, straight to the point and easy to remember. Of course I will have to work hard to memorize it all and use it properly. I'm absolutely thrilled by all the information I've got today and I have learned a thing or two about myself."

Simi Kozeli, Anima Sana Therapies, London E15

quote start It was awesome, amazing, soul searching. I could not believe how much I learnt in 2 days and realized how much more I want to learn."

Barbie Sweetzer, Canada

quote start Jane, I just wanted to take the time to thank - you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful course this weekend I had the most inspirational weekend ever and your personality, and knowledge is amazing. I hope our paths cross again soon and you have given me more joy & inspiration to use the knowledge you gave us than you'll ever know and I can't wait to put it to good use"

Elaine Green

quote start Thank you so much for coming over and doing the foot reading course last weekend. Some of the girls were a little wary after other teachers did one day courses from which we took nothing away. However you changed all of that and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time and have learned so much. I did my first full reading for a girlfriend and asked the "three questions" to seven others who seemed blown away by my info. Even though I know them all to various degrees I must have said things I wouldn't really have been aware of."

Leonie Dack, Greatstone, Kent

quote start Thanks so much for a brilliant two days last weekend. Everyone had a great time and we learnt so much.

I have been looking a friends feet all week and have been amazed at how much I can remember!"

Jules Gill, Worthing

quote start Just a quick e mail to thank you so much for last weekend! Big toe is still throbbing with ideas, beliefs and self esteem!! Seen all the girls at college on Tue night and we’re still buzzing from what we learnt"

Lorraine, Edinburgh

quote start Thankyou for a wonderful weekend. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this enlightening weekend. You are an inspiration in more ways than one. I have already started foot reading."

Tracey Gallacher, Greenock

quote start No words could describe how lovely it was to meet you on the weekend and the workshop was just amazing and so inspirational. The students absolutely loved it and so did I. What a fun time we had!"

Bridgette Burnett, Zodiac Therapies, Swansea

quote start Thank you so much for coming everyone had a brilliant time and were amazed how much we learnt - and discovered!

I have definitely developed a foot fetish - I went paddling on the beach on Monday and was fascinated by the other bare feet and the same on Tuesday at my keep fit class. I will get neck ache at this rate!"

Carolyn Nixon, Carlisle, Cumbria

quote start Hi Jane, I went to the Herts AOR group meeting last night and we practised our new foot reading skills on members that hadn't attended the 20/21 Feb workshop, needless to say the feedback was great and they were amazed! Just need to keep practising"

Katrina Stevens, Herts

quote start I thoroughly enjoyed the day and your passion and love for what you do just shines through (even when recovering from a cold)   I have attended a footreading workshop many years ago, and read books, but it has never clicked with me before. You have brought it alive, and it makes so much more sense to me now, that I find myself wanting to use it, and I am confident that I WILL use it."

Cathy Ewbank, Maidenhead

quote start Belated thank you for a lovely, lovely Sunday. Stunning setting, lovely people, oh and you were quite good too!!

Only joking! I learnt so much, if only I could make it seems as effortless as you do.

Have just returned triumphant from the hairdressers. One of the stylists next to me was wearing flip flops (it's pouring down here today - the madness of youth!) and I could see she was flat footed so started up a conversation with her and read what I could see. She was amazed! Her client and several others whipped off their socks and an hour and a half later I emerged brushing hair cuttings, foils and general salon fluff off my knees and feeling like I had conquered the world!! "

Anne Scardarella, Surrey

quote start Jane has a quiet, patient and slightly cheeky way of teaching with plenty of images and stories to back it up - it was interesting and soon the information began to make sense. I even found out I'm an auditory learner, eyes are deceptive!! At first I thought no way would I remember all of this, but by slowly cross-referencing the information and analysing my own feet and the others around me the information began to sink in and stick. As a beginner you're more likely to botch your words, but Jane was always on hand to offer an alternative way of phrasing the question, expand on the information we'd interpreted or to point out interesting things that might have been missed.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in how people work, or people who are interested in adding an extra skill to their holistic practice. Be prepared to become fascinated with feet - blemishes, twists, cracks, curls and colours tell an interesting story and you will never look at a foot in the same way again."  - Lauren Jordan

quote start I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the seminars this last weekend. I am trying to learn my '3 a day' which is a bit like doing the 5 a day fruit & veg thing, but easier!! I am enjoying practicing my new skills and have been impressing family and friends by telling them some things about their toes even before they have 'Got em off!' I am still feeling blown away by the whole weekend experience and am well and truly hooked on Foot Reading.."

Mary Beevis, Penrith, Cumbria