Jane Sheehan’s Solestry Seminar Part 4 Foot Reading Answer

You have always been good at setting your boundaries.(No Bunion)
Currently you’re spending a lot of time thinking back about your personalhistory. (Big toe tilted towards middle) You think a lot, but you’re not saying half what you’re thinking. (Big toe squeezed at the neck – which represents expression – but wide at the tip –which represents the brain area) You’re fairly direct when you speak but you remember to soften the blow at the last minute. (Shape of big toe and how it tapers at the end) You are very expressive and highly creative – narrow long necks to toes. When you feel something you tend to over express it. (Shape of 2nd toe.)That’s great if you’re in a good mood but not so great if you are in a bad mood!

You’re very intuitive when it comes to people. You don’t’ just hear what’s said, you hear what’s not said. You hear behind the lines so you have a goodgut feel about people. It seems to me that this is both your strength and yourweakness. You can be much more sensitive than people expect, as a result of this skill. (Nail doesn’t cover whole of 2nd toe) You’re keeping your emotions separate from what you’re doing in order to get things done. (Gap between 2nd and 3rd toe) I suspect that’s because it’s not enough fun for you (given your favourite nail varnish colour!).

How can you make things more fun for you? Normally, if you don’t feel like doing something, hell and high water won’t make you do it. (Slightly webbed 2nd and 3rd toes) But at the moment you’re forcing yourself to get on and do things you don’t want to do (Gap). You’re working away from your normal character. That’s fine short term but it won’t work long term.

You’re cautious about what you take on. You like to start small, but as your confidence grows you pull more and more resources to you so that by the time you’ve finished, you look back at what you’ve done and think “Crikey! Did I achieve all that?” You never would have started it if you’d have known how big it’s going to get. (Narrow to wide 3rd toe) But it’s a habit with you. You always over-achieve.

I can imagine that because of this quality, your bosses give you bigger and bigger projects. I hope you’ve learned the project management skill of setting milestones, whereby you break the big picture down into more manageable chunks. In this way you are working to your strengths and within your comfort zone despite the big task ahead. Your fourth toes show me that you don’t suffer fools gladly!

You know when the time is right to cut people loose and you do! (Straight 4th toe.) It also shows me that you are not materialistic. (Nuance meaning 4th toe right foot) The big toe tendons are showing me that you are self-disciplined. The big bone sticking out on the top of the foot, however, indicates that you feel you are being pushed in a direction you don’t want to go, or you feel you are being
pushed too fast – at someone else’s pace rather than your own.

You’ve got big shoulders for other people to cry on (protrusion below little toe, outside edge of foot), but you learned long ago how to set your boundaries (straight big toe). You know that it’s OK to listen and be the shoulder for them, but not to take it on as if it is your own (healthy looking area where it
protrudes below little toe). You know it’s for them to deal with and that listening is enough. No subject is taboo with you. We can tell you anything and you can hear it non-judgementally. (Long necks of toes which are also long when viewed from underneath) You are a bit of a covert rebel yourself! (Little toe appears straight but is actually on its side) You do the window dressing to appear to fit in and do what’s expected, whilst breaking the rules behind the scenes and doing things your own way!

You’re fairly thoughtful, spending lots of time thinking things through. (Big toe pads) I don’t mean day-dreaming (or big toe would be off the floor) – this is much more grounded, down-to-earth, solution orientated thinking (big toe is touching the floor).

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