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The eLearning course is constructed as a series of four modules.

It is suggested that you whizz through all four modules initially in the correct order, so that you have heard them through once. Then go back to the beginning and resit the modules sequentially so that you can start to memorise the information. You can repeat as many times as you like within your year’s subscription.  Remember to print out the certificate in the first run through as it will only print out once.

Once you have logged in you you will see the Course at the Top of the page simply click the circle on the left of the course title to begin

This area is dedicated to people who have purchased the elearning course. Here you can gain access to the online training courses about Footreading.

All subscriptions are valid for a period of one calendar year from the date of purchase.

You will receive an automated email with your Login and Password. You should receive this within 24 hours. If you don’t, CONTACT HERE

The course should be activated within the hour if not please CONTACT HERE

To DOWNLOAD your Certificate when you complete the course VISIT HERE

Please be advised the course is best viewed on a desktop instead of mobile devices.

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