Did you know that you can also have your feet read from photographs?

Jane can read individual people, couples, families, friends or colleagues.

Joint readings bring in a whole new dimension. You can see both similarities and differences in personality, thus identifying the areas where you will relate and the areas where you will conflict. Jane has noticed when reading groups of people that a theme runs through their feet. Certain jobs have certain feet characteristics.

When babies are born, they already have the basics of their personality showing on their feet. People often ask me “isn’t it just wearing bad shoes that make toes turn in.” Seeing babys’ feet where they’ve not yet worn shoes can immediately disprove this statement. A foot reading at this time of life can be fascinating.

To sum up, the categories are: Individuals, Friends, Couples, Family & Colleagues

The cost of this service which will reveal the secrets of your feet is £45 per person and you can order this service by Scheduling an appointment (see below button) then emailing Jane with two good quality photographs of each pair of feet (clearly showing top and bottom view as described in “Taking good photos” section on side menu) or email a similar digital image. (a jpg image is best and maximum file size of 1MB – the minimum size should be about 450 x 300 pixels which equates to a quarter of a screen, up to 800 x 600 pixels which is about half a screen).

Once Jane has received the photographs she will send you a paypal invoice, and a zoom invitation, usually within four days of receipt of pictures.

You can book your appointment here but remember that Jane is based in England so check out your time difference before booking:

Schedule Appointment


Upon organising the appointment and after payment, she will send you a zoom link.  You will be able to record the zoom session.

The clearer the image, the more detail your reading will have.

For best results ask a friend to take the top view of your feet when you are sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your knees are positioned straight over your ankles as if you are sitting up properly and your friend is positioned directly in front of you. For the bottom view, lie down so that you are relaxed, with your feet at the end of the bed, and get a friend to take the bottom view of the feet whilst you are relaxed.

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