Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique

Fast Pain Relief and Improved Movement

Emmett Technique is a therapy that is designed to reset and rebalance muscles. It is much faster at getting people out of pain than standard massage techniques and whilst extremely gentle, it is a very powerful treatment. Because of this we only do 5 plus or minus 2 moves in any one treatment. The originator of this technique, Ross Emmett, offers ten minute sessions to get people out of pain and twenty minute sessions for prevention. Jane, however, may offer this technique on it’s own, or in conjunction with reflexology.


Jane uses a combination of techniques which look like fascial release, acupressure great points, trigger release and adhesion break-up. Only 5 plus or minus two moves are allowed per session. If Jane has finished your Emmett treatment before the allocated timeslot expires, she will offer you reflexology for your remaining time. Her approach is client-centred and holistic which means she will do what she feels necessary to assist you, whilst being guided by you.

If you are unsure about whether Emmett Technique can help you, just book one session. If it is going to help, you will know during that session.

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