Coaching for foot readers Tunbridge Wells – 18 June 2020


Thursday 18th of June 2020 coaching for foot readers at Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Price – £167. Jacket potato and salad lunch is included.

Langton Green Village Hall
Langton Green
Tunbridge Wells


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Jane Sheehan and Kerry Hales are joining forces to launch a “Coaching for foot readers” workshop. This will be a very intensive, practical and interactive workshop. We will be using self actualisation learning technique and curiousity based coaching.

What people said after the first one:

“Fantastic Day”

“As if I needed more confirmation! Came home to four messages about drumming and workshops. Whoop whoop and so it begins”

“Great day, loved every second, haven’t laughed so much for a while!”

“Such fun”

“Thank you for this opportunity”

This is a workshop where it is very experiential. You have to experience it for yourself (the first half of the day) before you can start to use it in your practice (the second half of the day).

This is a modern purpose built village hall and we are in the Gallery room upstairs on the first floor. It even has an induction loop if you are hard of hearing. No lift though. There is space for up to 100 cars to park and we will have use of the kitchen to make our own refreshments. I’ll bring the tea/coffee/biscuits if you make your own and wash up after yourselves. Even better, included in the cost of the workshop is a baked potato lunch with salad. You can chose toppings from prawn mayo, tuna mayo, beans, cheese, chilli and for an extra £1 you can add a second topping. The lunch will be supplied by Langton Pavilion cafe across the road. They also do yummy naughty treats so if you are in the mood for indulgence you can always pop over there on a whim to sneak a tasty morcel whilst the diet police aren’t looking!

To ensure that we have a fantastic fun-filled workshop with lots of attention during the practical, I am limiting the numbers to 12 even though the room can fit more.

Anyone travelling over, there is a pub with rooms called The Hand and Sceptre in Southborough and I am told there is a Premier Inn being built which might be ready by then.

When booking please email me with your lunch topping choice.

To guarantee your place and pay for this Workshop, select number of attendees and click the “Add to basket” button. Alternatively, to pay by cheque, email for a booking form.

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