Foot Reading On Line Course


Forget commuting to a foot reading seminar.

Now you can learn foot reading (Solestry) from the comfort of your own home for only £95.

Upon purchase of the quiz you. Please ensure you are logged in and access the course via the student area.




For just £95 you can learn foot reading through an interactive workshop consisting of four modules. The content is the same as the content on day one of Jane’s two day workshop.

Module 1

  • How do you feel about your feet?
  • How to read nuance meanings
  • How to read general meanings
  • What bunions tell us
  • Interpreting the different toe shapes
  • Interpreting the different tips of the toes
  • e learned by giving a foot reading

Module 2

  • Differences in interpreting necks of toes
  • What leaning toes mean
  • Understanding flexibility of the feet and toes
  • How being manipulative shows in toes
  • Hammer toes
  • Toes that don’t touch the floor
  • Hairy toes
  • Webbed toes
  • Interpreting nail conditions and related imbalances
  • How time is reflected in the nails

Module 3

  • Reading the alignment of the toes
  • Interpreting gaps between toes
  • How width and length of feet are read
  • Creating a zonal map of the foot to read emotions
  • Identifying and understanding colour changes

Module 4

  • Interpreting Skin and related imbalances
  • Interpreting damp or smelly feet!
  • Angles of the feet
  • What do prominent tendons tell us?
  • Arches or flat feet
  • Sequence of a treatment
  • How to handle a tearful reaction
  • Using inspiration cards
  • Applying the knowledge learned by giving a foot reading
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