Motivation Cards (similar to former Inspiration cards)


Motivation Cards (like Inspiration Cards) with photos on one side and quotations on the other.  Multiple uses.

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In Jane’s books she talks about using “Inspiration Cards” at the end of her foot readings.  Those cards are no longer available.  So Jane decided to make her own version because they are, in her words “a valuable part of my foot reading tool kit”.

They are designed to be used in several ways:

1 Projection: At the end of a foot reading/therapy, ask your client to pick a card and look at the photograph side whilst saying “I bet you know why you picked it”.  Usually the person projects their story into the photograph and you learn something you otherwise wouldn’t know about them.  If they don’t know why, then ask them to describe the picture.  Often they use words that you don’t expect or they ignore something obvious.  These are clues to how they are thinking.

2 For Creative Writing: Pick three cards and use the photographs to inspire you to write a story.  Card 1 for the beginning, card 2 for the middle and card 3 for the end.

3 Goal setting: Coaches can work with clients to set their goals for the next year and then get their client to select a few cards for the photos and phrases that represent their goals, then frame them to act as a visual reminder.

4 Daily meditation: Pick a card for the day and either meditate on the photograph or on the phrase.  Allow it to inspire you.

5 Up to you: Maybe you can think of other ways to use the cards too.

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If you don’t want to read your own cards, Lynne Collie is offering both “Happiness Card Readings” and a class in how to do the Happiness Card Readings using Jane’s Motivation Cards.  You can see her Etsy shop for more info by clicking here

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