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Footreading - The Portable Guide  £12.00

fr portable guide120x200These hand-held reference cards are exclusive to our website. After Jane Sheehan produced her foot reading poster, she was often asked whether a hand-held version was available. As a result she produced this portable guide.

It acts as an aide-memoire to her first book "Let's Read Our Feet!" and the information is laid out in the order you would need it when conducting a foot reading.





fr pg sample 150x73

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The cards consist of eighteen 210mm x 100mm laminated cards held together by a metal post and printed only on one side so that you can swivel them open to quickly find the information that you need. As the cards are laminated they're easy to wipe clean – a bonus when you're working with feet!

Current postage and packaging rates are £4.56 to UK, £4.96 to Europe, £5.96 to USA and Rest of World 1 and £6.26 to Australia and Rest of World 2 zones as defined by Royal Mail.