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Welcome to the e-Learning section of my website

Currently there are two options (available on the Select eLearning menu on the right)


Foot Reading On Line Course – four modules designed to closely match day one of Jane’s live workshop.
Click here for details.

Foot Reading Video - This is a video of a one hour talk with questions and answers that I gave to the Association of Reflexologists.  It is a useful resource for revision.  
Click here for details.

Foot Reading Quiz 1 – This is for anyone who has already done either day one of Jane’s live workshop or has done the elearning, or has studied and memorised her book “Let’s Read Our Feet!”  
Click here for details.

 If Quiz 1 is successful, we may add more at a later date.  Your feedback would be appreciated.


eLearning Testimonials

quote start Since discovering your work, my mind is working overtime as to how I may combine reflex with reading and coaching - so Thank you so much Jane, you have re-kindled my interest 'big time' ...!!"

Jayne Hanley

quote start Excellent course materials - pictures, written information and Jane's vocal explanations! Loved it - so informative! Jane's comments really do help along with the photos."

Verna Tatt, Bradford

quote start What a fascinating course! Learnt lots and it is structured in such a way that it enables you to study at your own pace and when you choose."

Katherine Kitchen, Richmond, North Yorkshire

quote start I am truly fascinated with your program Jane, and it is adding a great deal to the way I use Visual cues. Thank you."

Yvette Eastman, Canada

quote start I think it is great that you keep repeating the module until it has sunken in, it’s good to go forward and then recap."

Jenny Summer, Essex

quote start Thank you so much, I enjoy doing the course and using the knowledge, but seeing the results so well received was another bonus again."

Jenni Gordon, Essex

quote start Every module gets better and better. Thank you Jane for the wonderful way in which you are helping people - both the ones you teach and the ones you coach."

Yvette Eastman, Canada on completion of module 3

quote start I am absolutely loving this course. It's like reading a good book, I'm enjoying it so much that I want to get through the course and soak up all the knowledge but I also don't want it to finish.”

Maureen Hodder, New Zealand