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Let's Read Our Feet!  £14.99

lets read our feet120x200Let's Read Our Feet! Second Edition by Jane Sheehan

This is the first book in Jane's series to teach you how to read feet.

Learn whether you are a princess or a carthorse.
What do Verrucae say about you?
Why do you get recurrent athlete’s foot?
Why would Cinderella’s glass slipper never have fitted?

Lisons nos pieds!  £14.00

lrof v2 120 170Lisons nos pieds ! deuxième édition par Jane Sheehan

Voici le premier livre de la série écrite par Jane pour vous apprendre à « lire les pieds ».

Découvrez si vous êtes une princesse ou un cheval de trait.

Que disent vos verrues sur vous ?

Pourquoi ne parvenez-vous pas à vous débarrasser de votre pied d’athlète ?

Pour quelles raisons la pantoufle de vair de Cendrillon ne pouvait-elle pas lui aller ?

Prix spécial disponible sur ce site uniquement : £ 14 +frais de port

The Foot Reading Coach  £14.99

the foot reading coach120x200

This is the second book in Jane's series.  Now you know how to read feet, what's next?

Whether you have Victoria Beckham's bunions or Ashton Kutcher's webbed feet, Jane Sheehan's first book "Let's Read Our Feet!" explained how your feet reveal secrets about your emotions and personality.

In her second book "The Foot Reading Coach" Jane takes the information further by providing coaching tips that can be used with foot reading.

Sole Trader  £16.99

sole trader120x200Jane Sheehan is the UK's leading Foot Reader,
author of 'Let's Read Our Feet!' and 'The Foot Reading Coach.'

If Jane's experienced it in her practice, then you're going to read about it in 'Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook'.  This is what you need to know to help you start and run your holistic therapy business.


Footreading - The Portable Guide  £12.00

fr portable guide120x200These hand-held reference cards are exclusive to our website. After Jane Sheehan produced her foot reading poster, she was often asked whether a hand-held version was available. As a result she produced this portable guide.

It acts as an aide-memoire to her first book "Let's Read Our Feet!" and the information is laid out in the order you would need it when conducting a foot reading.



Le guide - portable  £14.00

Le guide - portable - pour la lecture des pieds par Jane Sheehan

French portable guide 2
Jane Sheehan est la leader en Lecture de pied au Royaume-Uni et elle enseigne la lecture de pied à l’international.
Ces cartes de référence doivent être utilisées en complément de son premier livre «Lisons nos pieds» et sont conçues comme un aide-mémoire pour les étudiants en séminaire et en apprentissage en ligne.
Bien qu’il n’y ait pas de règles définies pour la lecture du pied, nous avons organisé les cartes pour suivre une séquence de lecture du pied logique.
Les nuances ne s’appliquent qu’aux orteils et concernent le présent.
Qui est cette personne aujourd’hui?
Les significations générales peuvent être utilisées pour former une carte du pied et sont utilisées pour comprendre l’influence du passé versus le présent ou du masculin versus feminin.
Nous avons tendance à lire le haut du pied en premier car cela représente ce que vous voulez montrer au monde.
Essayez toujours de donner une tournure positive à la lecture (le caractère «têtu» d’une personne peut se présenter aussi comme «tenace face à l’adversité») et si vous devez donner de mauvaises nouvelles, mélangezles à des observations plus générales, mais positives, concernant leur personnalité.
Profitez de vos lectures de pied et si vous avez besoin de plus amples informations, consultez www. ou

Prix spécial disponible sur ce site uniquement : £ 14 +frais de port

Foot Reading Poster  £12.00

fr poster120x200This was originally issued as an A1 sized glossy poster as per sample illustration, but has now been reissued as an A3 laminated poster detailing different aspects of foot reading and including the emotional map of the dorsal and plantar aspects of the foot.  We have added an extra column that details interpretations for bunions, skin colour, leaning toes and extra toes.

It's clear, concise and beautifully illustrated. It's a good companion to the book "Let's Read our Feet!"

Inspiration Cards  £11.75


These inspiration cards have a multi-purpose.  Jane uses them in place of oracle cards at the end of her foot readings.  She also uses them in  her creative writing classes.  Management consultants use them in goal setting exercises.

Please note: These cards are out of stock due to manufacturer running out.  We are looking at other supply options.


Out of stock

Multi Purpose Greetings Cards  £1.00 each or £5 for pack of six cards


At last! A multi-purpose Greetings Card for foot therapists.

The card has a simple, distinctive yet elaborately decorated foot motif, available in purple, red, orange, lilac, dark pink, blue, yellow or green.

The card has been left blank inside so that you can use them for any eventuality, be it for a gift voucher, birthday, christening or thank you card.  Cost is £1 per card or £5 per pack of six cards.

* Card Colour Options:

Specify the colours required (with quantity in brackets):

Completing the jigsaw - £9.90 (£8.25 + VAT)

completing the jigsaw120x200

Do you know someone trying to recover from M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Completing the Jigsaw is Dr Claire Bowen's ultimate guide to dealing with this complex condition holistically, via The Five Steps to Health.  Written in an easy-to-understand style, this E-book provides a wealth of information and resources, useful for anyone trying to improve their own health or working with clients to improve theirs'.

Click here for Dr Claire's page for more information